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About Faafu Atoll Council

North Nilandheatholhu or Faafu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives. It corresponds to the natural atoll of the same name. Faafu Atoll Council is the senior most administration unit of government in Faafu Atoll, where there are 05 inhabited island and few other government administrations

F. Atoll Council currently consists of 03 council members and about 30 civil servants. F. Atoll Council provides Sea and land license service in partnership with transport authority of Maldives and Maldivian passport application processing service. F. Atoll council operates “Rangali” speed boat and F. Atholhu Dhoani. The council has an eight room State Guest house and a van that can be hired

Many of council’s income facilities like rent of State Guest House, fees collected via Dhoani and speed launch, Van and “Aavaaniru” (F. Atoll Store) operated under “Maavaru” trust fund

About Faafu Atoll

Faafu Atoll geographically lies in the centre of Maldives; that is 3° 20' N and 3° 03' N. This atoll is 70 nautical miles far from Male’ City, the capital city of Maldives. The atoll has 16.75nm from North to South and 14.5nm from East to West

Faafu Atoll has a total of 23 islands of which 05 islands are inhabited; namely Nilandhoo, Dharanboodhoo, Magoodhoo, Bilehdhoo and Feeali. The Capital of Faafu Atoll is Nilandhoo. Filitheyo Island resort is the only tourist resort in F. Atoll. Except Himithi, all the other uninhabited islands are very small. Himithi was an inhabited island until 14th May 1970. We find historical places only in Nilandhoo and Himithi only

This atoll is 70 nautical miles far from Male’ City, the capital city of Maldives. A Ferry Transfer (6 hours), Speed Boat Transfer (2 hours 30 min), Domestic Flight Transfer + speedboat (via Maamigili airport) or by seaplane

As of April 2021, the total population of Faafu Atoll is 6447 people
Total Male Female Island Name
1290 654 636 Feeali
1375 718 657 Bilehdhoo
908 468 440 Magoodhoo
598 327 271 Dharanboodhoo
2276 1153 1123 Nilandhoo
6447 3320 3127 Total

Major income source in the atoll include Fishing and agriculture sector, construction sector, public sector and tourism sector

Maldives Famous Mathematician Mr. Abdulla Ismail is from F. Himithi. On his remembrance, government builds a library in Magodhoo and started free scholarship award program for top achievers in the atoll. The Abdulla Ismail Library was later transferred to Nilandhoo on 07 June 2000 and under the Abdulla Ismail Scholarship award program covers all education related and accommodation expenses for the selected students until they finish grade 12 at Male’ city. This awarding continued from 1983 to 2008

All the inhabited islands have education facility for ordinary level, health centre, 24 hours Electricity, a harbor, pharmacy, island councils, magistrate court, mosque, play grounds and plastic bottles collection centres to safely recycle all the plastic used in the atoll

Previously the capital Island of Faafu Atoll was F. Magoodhoo. Nilandhoo became the capital of Faafu atoll On 18th January 1999. Nilandhoo now has some more services that are targeted to the whole atoll like banking service, Police service, Family and Children Service centre, teacher’s resource centre, Youth Centre, hospital, MIRA collection centre, MNU learning centre, Quruanaa behey maarukazu. One campus of the University of Milano-Biccoca, Italy is operational in F. Magoodhoo since 2011